William Law - Nov 11, 2008


The last decade has been more than kind to Egyptian popularity among tourist. The country has become one of the most frequented destinations as it has the dreamlike conditions of a tourist hub: warm weather, beautiful beaches, constantly improving services and the most striking culture and historical background which by itself if worth the investment. However, all who come here are bound to realize there is nothing perfect in this world – only close to.


In the recent years, a few aspects of local culture have been attracting increasing attention and discontent. Especially female travelers agree that they do not feel at ease when in the company of their female friends on the street. It seems Egyptian men simply do not respect the same values as most of Europe and North America and frequent sexually-motivated remarks and even abrupt confrontations are completely acceptable for them.


Women find it hard to oppose the sexual harassment they encounter here; however, there is simply not an effective way of fighting it. Local culture is defined by a completely different set of rules of conduct and those incoming tourists need to prepare themselves properly.


Another rather disturbing fact which has been observed by the public over the last two decades is that in fact, Egypt has been a somewhat dangerous place for western tourists. Even though no major blasts and attacks have been recorded, small incidents occur on a fairly regular basis, including kidnappings of tourists and attacks on tourist convoys traveling to the typical cultural treasures. The Egyptian authorities are doing all they can to secure maximum safety, however, anyone traveling to Egypt should not underestimate the value of being well informed and prepared.


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