Andrea Hausold - Nov 28, 2006

To chose the right destination may become a little problem for any safari enthusiast. Some prefer locations that are financially advantageous, some prefer better accommodation; web surfers who took a poll run by Africa Point, an online travel agent, felt that East Africa is still the most attractive destination in Africa. The only safari areas not located on the African continent were the Indian Ocean Islands. However, with their accessible beauties, they have been drawing more and more visitors, thereby taking away the potential customers of the East African region.

Most of the adventurers that decide to visit Kenya and Tanzania experience charming natural attractions and abundance of exotic wildlife in local parks. “These destinations are also relatively inexpensive to visit,” said Ashiembi wa Ndukwe, marketing manager of Africa Point. He added that “because of the low seasons (i.e. rain season) between April and May and November to mid-December the lodges are a bit cheaper and less crowded; however, we advise travellers to make bookings early for the high season months (February, July – October) as the possibilities are limited.

One of the memorable events that occur between Kenya and Tanzania is the annual wildebeest migration. On the 17th of November 2006, the migration was declared as one of the seven New Wonders of The World by a panel of wildlife experts in the USA.

Starting with July, 1.5 million wildebeest begin their 1 800 mile long journey from the Serengeti in Tanzania through the utter wilderness pursued by countless predators, across he crocodile-favoured Mara River, eventually arriving in Masai Mara in order to seek food;

Kenya"s officials have been trying to raise the country"s chances on the tourism market by improving the infrastructure or promoting it"s tourist attractions on Australian, British and North American Markets. Unfortunately, there have been a few accidents that endangered the flow of tourists in there African areas. In 1998 and 2002, several bombings occurred, two US embassies were struck and in immediate response the US, British, Belgian, German and Australian governments responded by issuing appealing warnings to their citizens. Luckily, all but the United States have since lifted the warnings.

Even though many more things have to be improved in Kenya, it still holds that it is a unforgettable county well worth spending your free time.


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