Larry Brain - Jul 8, 2008

Dubai and Moscow are the first world’s destinations that will have a so called Dynamic Tower. This building’s floors will be designed to revolve all the time. Each of the floors will be able to rotate 360 degrees. The Italian architect, David Fischer who came up with the idea says it came to him when he was in Miami. There he learned that an apartment overlooking the ocean was worth $3million but another that did not have such a view was worth only $1.8million. The Dynamic Tower will make it possible for the inhabitants to have an ever-changing view.


He also claims that the towers will never look the same because they will always be changing their shape. The Dubai Dynamic tower will have 80 floors an will be 420-metre high. There will be a 6 star hotel, offices and apartments. The real luxury will be on the top 5 floors. There will be 5 villas, 1500 square meters each.


The inhabitants of these luxury villas will also have the possibility to control the spin by a voice-activated computer. The rest of the building will spin according to specially designed patterns. The villas’ owners will also have their own parking and elevator for the cars on the very floor where they will reside. On the roof there will be a swimming pool and a garden. There will also be wind generators and solar panels that should make the building completely energy self sufficient.


Not only the idea of a Dynamic Tower itself, but also the method of its construction, seems very bold. Mr. Fisher claims that the building will be assembled in 20 months by only 80 technicians from pre-fabricated components made in a plant in Altamura, southern Italy. This should save as much as 10 per cent of the construction cost. The Dubai tower should cost $700 million to build.



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