Sara Thopson - Jul 8, 2008

The Caribbean is considered one of the most peaceful and appealing holiday destinations. Many tourists openly admit that this is how they picture paradise. After the immense success of the movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, travelers started seeking out the famous island from this movie, thinking ‘this is the number one place to go’. Yet its volcanic origin resulted in a not-so-perfect holiday setting one would desire. On the other hand, those, willing to look for it, will find treasures of unexpected beauty and value.


Visiting Dominica is a genuine return to nature. Indeed, this place is a tropical paradise, completely untouched by the stressful way of life. There are no 5* hotels, but cozy guesthouses and tiny apartments. On the other hand, those who cannot part with the rest of the world will stay in touch – after all, coming here does not mean traveling to the past.


There are countless natural attractions in Dominica including a striking 365 rivers and streams. Those keen to explore the inland area will come across scenic waterfalls, or even hot sulphur springs and a local highlight: a world-famous boiling lake.


Dominican flora is spectacular: with more than a 1,000 recognized species of flowering plants it is a paradise for scientist and biologists as well as a big attraction for ecotourists.


The variety of tropical wildlife here is also worth to mention. Bird-watchers have long discovered the potential of Dominica and often come here to admire the 172 various species, including several endemic kinds of parrots.


The island’s capital, Roseau, is a fun stop on the way. Tourists take a stroll along the Bayfront, and most find local Old Market very interesting. Visiting local museum in the Old Post Office is a pleasant highlight. October is a very appealing month to visit as the World Creole Music Festival is held here each year.



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