Bill Alen - Jul 20, 2009
American companies have been successfully trying to dissuade Americans from taking trips abroad for otherwise expensive medical treatment. It is now quite normal for Americans to just travel to the next state in order to have hip replacements or face lifts. It is no secret that the U.S. is not a country that could be proud of its local health care system. However, one of the big four accounting firms, Deloitte, has recently revealed that instead of going abroad 43% of American citizens are now prepared to travel within the USA to meet their medical tourism requirements.Considering that this thought was almost laughable up until around 15 years ago, the situation is quite a turnaround. 8% of Americans, or at least those involved in the research, have already taken this step. Whereas the trend used to be to travel to Israel or Europe for treatment, today some US citizens are travelling even further distances across their own country.Basically, there are two reasons for the changes in this area. The first involves the change in attitude of American employers, who may have realised how embarrassing the situation used to look. Some now not only offer the employee some kind of incentive to stay in the states for treatment, yet sometimes tie up deals with hospitals. Some employees are offered travel expenses whereas their trips to Switzerland etc. used to be funded from their own pockets. On top of this, there are relatively new leveraging deals with foreign hospitals based on securing better deals for Americans, yet inside the USA. This means that foreign doctors may well end up treating the same people, yet a lot closer to home. Related:SERBIA TO DEVELOP MEDICAL TOURISMCZECH PLASTIC SURGERY GROWING IN POPULARITY


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