Larry Brain - Nov 1, 2006
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North American Alaska  is one of the most impressive territories in the world. This vast country with nearly 1800 islands, 50 000 glaciers, 3000 rivers and 3 million lakes is undoubtedly the most charming place to visit. Alaska in Eskimo language means “great lands.” Since most of the state is not accessible by road, the easiest way to discover it is by air. There are many helicopter companies that offer various kinds of flightseeing trips.

For example, since 1983 adventure tourists have had the opportunity to visit unspoilt areas in the heart of Alaska, experiencing overwhelming views over the mountain tops, mighty glaciers, sparkling rivers. The heli-hiking tours  can combine flightseeing with actual glacier hike. After landing on the massive Yanert Glacier, a naturalist guide frequently pauses and describes local flora and fauna: the visitors may see Dall sheep, moose or bear.

Dog sledding is Alaska"s favorite sport, and you may as well get a taste of it. The tour itself is about 1,5 hours long, includes 30 minutes of flight time and approximately 60 minutes spent at the dog camp. There, you will be presented with the necessary instructions but also with popular stories about dog sledding and races in the past.

It would be a mistake not to see Alaska’s shores. For enthusiasts who like to have their comfort, several commercial cruise lines offer 4 to 7 day excursions. They usually depart from Seattle or Vancouver. However, cruises can be financially demanding. A less expensive alternative are ferries. Since they make a stop and many coastal villages on the way, you may chose to remain on land any time you wish and board as soon as you feel like it again!

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