Denise Chen - Jan 22, 2008

Not long ago several European car makers started the so called European Delivery Program which is gaining popularity especially among the North American customers. The producers offer the clients a discounted car and tour of Europe. The program is basically the same for all the manufacturers involved. A customer buys a discounted car and the company offers some extra services as well, like discounted or free airfare, they pay the insurance for the car for certain period in Europe and so on. The customer than drives the car round Europe and finally they have it transported to their home country.


One of the newest programs is that of the Audi. The program was established in 2006 and the cars on offer are three to five percent cheaper than the manufacturer"s suggested retail price (MSRP) in the U.S. The cheapest model eligible for the program is the A3 2.0 T, which discounted price is $25,152 USD. A customer can take their car in Bavaria at the factory in Ingolstadt. The company’s program includes one free night of lodging in a four-star hotel; ground transportation between the Munich airport, hotel and factory. The company also provides 15 days of comprehensive insurance and export license plates. The program includes transportation of the car to the shipping point and wharf charges, ocean shipping and marine insurance as well as custom duty and clearance. A customer may end the trip in one of 20 cities and there is no drop-off fee for any location.


Another famous European car manufacturer that provides similar program is Bavarian Motor Works (BMW). They offer 7% discount, which, for certain models, could mean a saving of approximately $8500. The company will also guarantee the customer that any damage in transit will be fixed prior to final delivery.


These programs could be interesting for people, who long for a trip round Europe, want a European car and do not want to rent one. Nevertheless, it is important to plan one’s trip carefully so that various fees and e.g. the higher prices for European gas do not make this bargain unbearably expensive.


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