Justin N. Froyd - Nov 13, 2017

Society is moving forward developing fast. Like most industries, tourism and hospitality needs to get familiar with the latest digital trends and include efficient technology in the services.

Hotel managers need to follow the modern technology trends to be successful on the market. In contrast, smaller businesses not capable of keeping track, can be in danger of becoming outsiders in the sector. Most important digital trends can be seen in the field of sustainable tourism. Authenticity and individuality are also growing in importance together with effective and active communication.

Visuals over Text

A good tip to promote a hotel is to utilize meaningful pictures, rather than detailed texts. Customers prefer offers that immediately present what the room, breakfast room etc. look like.

The website must also be permanently updated and readable on mobile phones.

Moreover, it is necessary to have the newest prices published to avoid inconveniences during check-in. Using rating platforms and bloggers is also effective. This guarantees that the guests know immediately about the hotel services from the guests’ point of view.

In addition, it is desirable to actively respond to comments, react to positive or negative feedback on social networks.

Also, if potential guests have questions or specific requests, it is ideal to respond as soon as possible, preferably within an hour. This is why the hoteliers should keep track of messages, inquiries, and bookings as much as possible.

Direct and Indirect Booking

Online booking is an absolutely vital aspect for the hotel business to prosper – be it booking platforms or the hotel’s own homepage. It is important that the guest knows at a glance whether rooms are available, how much they cost, and whether they can be booked immediately.

As a business it is necessary to find balance between bookings via booking platforms and the hotel homepage. On booking platforms there is little risk and expense, the product is advertised worldwide, and can be paid quickly.

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  1. Thank you so much for putting together this article.
    Through out all my presentations and interactions with Hotels in Uganda, I always empharsise having a good, responsive website which allows client to easily book and confirm reservation using a secure booking engine.

    Signing up on social media is one good thing but also being relevant by positing and updating your hotel or tour company social media account such as Facebook, Twitter, TripAdvisor is even awesome

    Mamerito (Uganda)

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