Larry Brain - Nov 20, 2023
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Social media platforms are a crucial part of the inspiration and research process regarding travel. However, its role in the travel industry goes beyond just showcasing picturesque locations. Social media platforms have become valuable tools for brands competing to gain more customers.

Travelers' attention, and companies have been incorporating social media into their marketing strategies for years. Nevertheless, capturing and retaining the attention of social media platform users, mainly the Gen Z audience, requires careful consideration, given that they have grown up with social media.

Social media is widely used by a significant portion of the global population, but not all individuals use it the same way. Therefore, reaching out to your target audience on the platform where they spend their time and with products that align with their interests is crucial. For instance, travelers between 18 and 35 are primarily drawn to TikTok, implying that travel brands must reconsider their social media strategies.

The key challenge here is to identify where your customers are. You must ensure that your strategy is executed on social media platforms, where they spend most of their time.

Social media has been a part of Gen Z's daily interactions for their entire lives since the first generation members were born in 1997. Gen Z users visit Snapchat on average 40 times a day, meaning creating just one piece of content is not enough to reach them. It would be best to produce a wide range of content using a multi-product strategy to engage with them.

This approach has helped attract a younger audience that requires multiple touchpoints to reach their destination.

According to Bhatia, Gen Z users are more likely to research brands or products on social media to learn more about their interests than other demographics. Regarding online content strategy, Gen Z wants trustworthy, informative, and authentic content.

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