Ashley Nault - Jan 20, 2009

Each year, thousands of experiments are carried out by producers of cosmetic products in order to find the right ingredients which will slow down the aging of skin and help anyone look more radiant and retain the desired fresh energy and glow of youth. The year 2009 is undoubtedly going to present several new products and procedures likely to win over the demanding clientele.

As this year is to be the time of continuing economic crisis, offering reasonably priced products seems a priority for many beauty companies. According to Spafinder, the global spa expert, ‘multi-tasking’ is to become a very relevant trend; the more uses one product has, the better – all in one cleanser, mask and facial scrub will save both time and money.

Saving money is one important aspect, yet on the other hand, Spafinder also turns the spotlight on gem-related trends in cosmetics: gem extracts are becoming increasingly popular and even though the effect of platinum or gold on skin is still a question of scientific debate, products containing these are expected to become a luxurious hit of 2009.

The fact that even the most expensive products by themselves cannot do the trick has been widely known. Even if we sprinkle diamond dust on our skin five times a day the effect is not going to be delivered if we don’t get enough sleep and do not complement the treatments with a proper diet. Organic ingredients and probiotics present the most important aspects of our diet and need to be seriously taken into account. Drinking antioxidant teas and eating rare fruit or alpine herbs will certainly have a visible effect.

Spending some quality time at spas or at a hammam, for example, seems extremely helpful as well. Hammam is a Moorish steam room which has now been appearing all over the world – in combination with argan oil or myrrh, hammam is a perfect chance to relax and regain energy.

The positive impact of fruit and the antioxidants it contains has led companies to extract these. Blueberries, Goji berries, Argan Oil, Baobab or even Tumeric are already in use. Nevertheless, there will always be enough interest in Botox or Reloxin, its injectable competitor.

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