Larry Brain - Apr 29, 2008

Wouldn’t it be pleasant to know that your flight is set to leave on time? Wouldn’t it be even more pleasant to know, in case of delay, the precise length of the delay? Surely, the answer from most passengers to both these questions is positive, especially to the second one. Luckily for American travellers, finding the answer to the second question is now possible, with the aid of the Delaycast website. The site is able to predict the delay time of any flight within the United States territory.


Delaycast is based on the mathematical probability of flight delays, using that particular flight’s history and other factors, such as weather, the history of the airline and number of passengers into account. This model of flight delay patterns is rather accurate and predicts delays within 15 minutes with an 80-90% level of accuracy. Of course, the site presumes that the flight will be delayed so inaccuracies involving delay predictions relating to flights which are on time are not to be counted.


The site can also be used for finding the best days and times for flying, if you are in a hurry, and provides a broad overview of the possibilities available in American airspace. The site currently covers 60 major US airports and the 11 key US airlines. It is now up to the rest of the world, particularly Europeans to come up with something similar. The time saving is quite considerable for regular fliers. Furthermore, delay predictions are not likely to become out of date as the delay forecasts are updated on a monthly basis. One other important factor is that passengers now have the opportunity to see that delays are a frequent factor of the airline industry and airlines and airports should act more to eradicate this unpleasant factor of travelling.


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