Sara Thopson - Jul 8, 2008

Holidays spent entirely on a cruise ship are becoming increasingly popular and appealing. The competition is fierce among the cruise line operators and the demand for more luxury is driving the industry forward. More and more destinations are added on the itineraries, the level of services is constantly under critical observation of the clients and the demand for comfort and more attractive services is continually increasing. The hottest trend in the industry is not so unexpected: medical and spa treatments on board are this season’s major hit.


Many travelers admit they even do not tread on land while on the cruise. It is simply too comfortable and they become lazy. Also, there are so many activities to delve in within the cruise liner, that the need for other ways to enjoy oneself outside is almost nonexistent for some.


The single most important objective for many guests on board is to relax, calm themselves and get rid of stress. Adding spa facilities and treatments sounds like a rather extraordinary idea, though it makes perfect sense. Many tourists don’t even have time to visit the popular spas in their hometown and thus very much appreciate this opportunity. The variety of available treatments is impressive and often sounds very exotic. Getting facials, manicures and pedicures or massages is only the beginning.


The newest trend includes facial aesthetic treatments like lip augmentation (Restylane) or Botox injections, supervised by a Medical Director on board. Such services are drawing a lot of attention and are already this season’s absolute number one hit. Medical professionals one can rely on and comfortable environment where one is taken care of 24x7 are one of the greatest aspects of medical tourism on board the cruise liners. And it is very likely the future will open many more options within this developing field.



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