Justin N. Froyd - Nov 13, 2007

The Caribbean has become an absolute number one destination for tourists who love to cruise the wonderfully turquoise seas. Many of the cruise-packages include trips which take the clients on shore for several days, to specific destinations around the Caribbean. One of the most desired islands is Aruba. The range of activities one may enjoy here is surprisingly wide and exciting.


Aruba is located about 15 miles north of Venezuela. The greatest attraction of course is the sea. Water-connected activities include kayaking, snorkeling or scuba-diving. There are forty-two different dive-sites swarming with striking marine life. Also, exploring the sunken ship wrecks counts as a very welcome bonus of the diving trips of Aruba.


The island is outside the hurricane belt, however it permanently gets some very advantageous wind and therefore is frequented by windsurfers and sailing fans. Its wide sandy beaches are simply perfect; visitors usually praise Palm Beach and Eagle Beach as the best ones, however Malok, Arashi, Dos Playa, or Boca Grandi beaches do not stay far behind.


Adventurers will certainly appreciate a submarine tour, as well as the mysterious beauty of local natural caves. There is a legend that the pirates of the Caribbean used these caves as their hideouts. The Natural Bridge remains the number one tourist attraction; it has been carved out of the coral rocks by the sea. This impressive structure stands twenty-five feet above the sea level and is a hundred feet long.


The diverse Aruba landscapes also present a very appealing opportunity for tourists longing for some action. Horseback riding along the sand dunes and through the desert plains are simply unforgettable. Climbing is also an exciting option; a visit to Hooiberg is definitely worth the effort, though local mountains are not exceptionally high. Visitors may also enjoy some great restaurants, shopping opportunities and get a bit of the gambling action in local casinos.

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