Michael Trout - May 11, 2009
In 2012, exactly 100 years after the infamous maiden voyage of the Titanic, another cruise will recreate its journey from Southampton to New York – this time hopefully all the way. April 15, 1912 will always remain one of the saddest and most shocking days in maritime history. The magnificent Titanic – often deemed unsinkable – ended on the bottom of the Atlantic with 1,517 passengers on board. She was glorified as the greatest, most luxurious ship of its time. Many stories have been told, many legends created and the aura of mystery still lingers on whenever the word Titanic is uttered. Soon, 100 years will have passed since this tragic event occurred. In April 2012, a cruise liner Balmoral, will set sail to follow the exact route of the glorious Titanic to commemorate the sad anniversary.This cruise in not going to be just one of many; it is a once-in-a-lifetime event meant to bring back the spirit of the famous ship. Not only will it follow the identical route, passengers will get a unique opportunity to enjoy the same culinary specialties as their Titanic predecessors as the menus are planned to be recreated with greatest attention to detail. Music and dancing of the era will also be part of the Titanic – Revisited cruise.A memorial ceremony will be held at the exact location where Titanic sank in the early morning hours of April 15th 2012 to remember the many lost lives here. The 12-night cruise is on offer from L2,595 and despite the credit crunch, the tickets are expected to sell out quickly. After all, the idea of reliving the cruise with a happy ending is surely appealing to many.

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