James Morris - Apr 19, 2012

Do you need a good vacation but do not know where to go with the little budget you have? If you are dreaming of an exquisite holiday in the Mediterranean then you must look for cheap holidays to Crete. There are so many things which await you in this island paradise in the Mediterranean. Considered as the most stunning and the largest of all the Greek islands, Crete offers so much for all types of holiday makers. From beautiful mountain ranges, exciting white sand beaches with a coastline that stretches up to a thousand kilometers, sapphire blue waters, archaeological museums, Historical places to exotic dining experience, stimulating night life, and memorable wine tours.

You don't have to spend a fortune in order to enjoy the best that Crete has to offer. The fifth biggest island in the Mediterranean, Crete enjoys the reputation of being one of Europe's top destinations. Tourists keep coming back for more to enjoy the unique natural landscape and relaxing summer lifestyle.

Despite the island's popularity it has kept some of its priceless secrets known only to few and those seeking to explore what more the island has to offer. Take a closer look and you will be able to discover the certan way of life. For 5000 years people in Crete have been living close to nature, enjoying a mild climate, the exquisite landscape, and the fruits of the earth. Anyone who visits this beautiful island will immediately notice the abundance of both olives and grapes which are the basic ingredients of the Cretan diet.

History will tell us that wine in Crete has already been enjoyed by early inhabitants some 4000 years ago and even exported to Egypt, the most powerful nation in the Mediterranean during those times. The wine culture we so enjoy today traces back its beginning to ancient Greece. Crete became an important supplier of wine all over the red sea, France, and the entire Europe. Wine making has become a tradition by certan families passed on from one generation to the other which keep the wine culture alive in the island. Today, it is the same wine making tradition and the certan's love for the vineyard that tourist will see during their visit to Crete. This is the same love for wine that the new generation of Cretan wine makers are so dedicated to introduce back to the world.

Modern travelers will now see boutique wineries scattered along the valleys between the high mountains and the beautiful sea. This is the perfect destination for avid wine lovers from all over the world who want to enjoy the best wine tradition at an affordable budget. Everything in Crete is fresh. Dine with only the freshest ingredients and enjoy the Cretan wine which has its own unique character.

Enjoy your holiday in Crete, meet new friends, and drink some wine. The food is also exceptional and the locals are friendly people who will make your holiday more enjoyable and exciting. It is time you discover the secret that Crete has kept all these years. Pamper your senses and smell the scent of jasmine while listening to the Cretan lyre as you feast on red watermelon and indulge in age old Cretan wine tradition. It is time you pack your bags because a great time is waiting for you in Crete.

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