Kevin Eagan - Jun 10, 2008

The Netherlands is a country known to offer visitors and locals a number of things not to be found elsewhere. Now, 21 miles south east of Amsterdam, in Oegsteest, tourists have the chance to walk through a human body! Welcome to the Corpus Museum.


The museum has been described as a voyage through the human body, helping people discover what they really are. A 55 minute tour, accompanied with a guide available in 8 languages, offers visitors the opportunity to walk through giant parts and organs of the human body, thus enlarging their five senses to such a degree that they learn more about the way the body works. Some visitors have even claimed that their visit has changed their eating habits for good. Not all museums have quite the same effect.


Corpus allows visitors to climb into a gigantic nose and experience the effect of sneezing. All objects in the museum are made of fibre glass and coloured to make them look real. There is the bouncy rubber tongue, a particular favourite with children and the real favourite of the gourmet visitor: a visual demonstration of how Dutch cheese is dissolved by stomach acids. If this does not rumble your stomach enough, then it is always possible to simply turn to the 3-D animation of how sperm meets the egg and goes through the process of fertilisation. The museum also offers visitors the opportunity of asking questions about the human body such as why we need sleep, what happens when splinters enter the body etc.


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