Oct 23, 2018
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In recent time, the importance of content marketing has been a much-discussed topic in the hospitality industry, and there is no doubt that this strategy is here to stay. The reason is quite simple: if done correctly, content can become viral to the point it can reach thousands, if not millions, of potential customers.

Therefore, hotel chains, but especially independent and small properties, have to invest in content marketing; after all, only a lasting and constant investment will bring the expected results. Tourism Review brings some content marketing ideas that are sure to come in handy for any hotel.

Look Around

How many different hotels can be found in your city? What about your country? It is important to humanize the hotel’s brand identity, that is, to show a face to the consumer’s eyes. Many hoteliers believe that content marketing doesn’t work, but the problem lies in the fact that the only thing they offer is content full of shameless advertisement.

That’s why it’s up to you to do something different. To achieve this, the best strategy is letting the customer experience the hotel’s daily life. Showcase your personnel, show them how much fun they have at reception, or make a copy of the jokes that the janitor tells every day. They may seem like meaningless details, but may be what helps a client opt for a direct reservation on your website rather than using different channel.

Create a Community

What does your neighborhood/city have that makes it stand out? Show that on your website, because in the end, it will be what helps your own community prosper, while at the same time making a lasting impression on your neighbors, as the economic engine that the neighborhood needs. In summary, the goal is to create a community.

Additionally, if you are in a competition with other local businesses next to your hotel, you can offer a bonus experience to your customers. Chances are that a guest wouldn’t mind paying 10 more euros for a discount at a restaurant or the next-door bar.

Share the History

How old is the building where your hotel is located? Is it an old, remodeled hospital? Did any famous writer stay in one of its rooms? These types of historical curiosities are always loved by customers, and often result in very successful promotion through social media. So do not hesitate and research not only your building, but the stories behind next-door establishments, the neighborhood and its history. These small anecdotes can be decisive when a client chooses between one hotel and the other.

In summary, your goal should be creating content that is interesting, different, and of the highest quality. Don’t think that techniques for content marketing involve advertising your hotel in a direct and vulgar way. The objective is to create a community around your hotel brand, so people can value it without having to constantly promote products or services.

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