Pat Hyland - Jan 16, 2007

Konftel, a leading company within loudspeaker communication and audio technology, made a survey that shows big sales opportunities for its products - conference calls. British companies spend huge amounts of money on business travels. Only some 30% of companies nowadays use the conference calls. The conference calls offer easier, faster and cheaper way how to hold meetings.  Using the conference calls is also more efficient since the meetings can be hold in hours. The participants of the conference can be from various countries and no one has to travel and so lose time and money.


This technology is becoming more and more interesting because of expanded road charging and increased air travel tax rises. Konftel’s Area Sales Manager Peter Johansson says:  “Whilst it is sometimes essential to travel for face-to-face meetings we firmly believe that often a conference call can provide a convenient and environmentally friendly alternative solution. The costs of a conference unit can very often be recouped by one saved business trip, so providing dealers with a perfect sales pitch.”


According to the Barclaycard Business Travel Survey (UK), some 45% business travelers say they traveled more in 2005/2006 than in 2004 to 2005. Nevertheless, actual miles traveled per month have decreased from 642 in 2004/05 to 608.5 in 2005/06. Those who travel more say that it is because of business expansion. On the other hand those who stay say that technology makes it less important to travel. As Barclaycard Business Travel Survey from 2004/2005 shows 47% of business travelers in 2004/2005 also believed that they have traveled more but the milage was lower than the one of previous years. So it looks like the Internet communication and cheap audio conferences are an important trend for the future. However, it is expected that business travel will grow by 17% in 2015.


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