Richard Moor - Aug 21, 2007

As the worldwide trend of more and more people using airlines for business and pleasure is growing, so is the competition amongst airline companies to keep these people happy. Nobody denies that flying is far from the most comfortable way of getting around, however, certain airlines have devised a new system for making long-distance trips a pleasure rather than a hindrance.


The main change involves the large-scale introduction of beds on board. Airline companies are attempting to lure the higher spending customer, thus almost eliminating the ‘quantity not quality’ approach of most budget airlines. Such services, naturally, do not come cheap. Most beds will be constructed at 6ft. 4 inches long, to accommodate for even the tallest of passengers. The scheme has so far proven to be a success as recent surveys have shown that 85% of passengers having slept on board in the new beds were satisfied. They generally concluded that it was a great idea to combine bigger chairs with sleeping facilities. The chairs fold back into beds so that the passengers can go to sleep at any time they desire.


Another scheme related to airlines getting more custom from higher spending passengers involves the introduction of a number of 15-inch monitors on board to provide entertainment whilst people are in the air. Having lost billions of dollars in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of 9.11.01, American airlines are looking to make up for lost time by introducing such new facilities to their aircraft.


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