Samuel Dorsi - Jul 29, 2008

In the region of Alsace, a stone’s throw away from German territory lies the city of Colmar. As it is so close to Germany, the German influence in the architecture comes as no surprise. However, it is not only thanks to tourism that visitors, foreign as well as French, come in droves to Colmar on a regular basis.

The second reason is the fine wine of the Alsace region. France in general is renowned for its wines yet Colmar is even an exception in this area. Again, the German influence makes the wine just a little bit more interesting. Nevertheless, the fame of Colmar does not mainly derive from wines, yet from museums.


Almost everybody knows the famous Statue of Liberty, the infamous statue which greets seafarers coming into New York. Not everybody knows that sculptor Frédéric Bartholdi, the creator of the statue, was from Colmar. Today, the Bartholdi museum is a main attraction for visitors to the region. Souvenirs of his family are exposed for visitors to enjoy, as are other works of the man who created, possibly, the most famous statue on the planet.


Away from Bartholdi, Colmar is host to the ‘toy and miniature trains’ museum. This particular museum has been described by a number of visitors as varied, unique and exciting. It is certainly unique and offers a totally different face to Colmar away from Bartholdi and the wine fascination. This does not mean, of course, that all of these things can not be enjoyed at the same time.


The third most famous museum is surely the Natural and Ethnography museum with over 1500 objects for visitors to examine. If that is still not enough, there is always the Espace Andre Malaux museum of contemporary art.


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