Justin N. Froyd - Mar 4, 2008

Cuba is a natural Caribbean heaven, famous for relaxing with a Havana cigar and strolling around in some tropical scenery so typical of the Caribbean area. Furthermore, it is situated a mere 230 miles from the coast of Miami, so one would think that is a popular tourist trap for the American public. This would be the case if it were not for the US embargo on tourism between the US and Cuba, placed in reaction to the political turmoil in the region. Years of being in the wilderness in the field of tourism have left Cuba without any significant infrastructure and with a serious amount of ground to catch up on.


However, the process may well have started with the resignation of Fidel Castro, leading to suggestions that the embargo is finally about to be lifted. This should lead to a golden era of tourism in Cuba. The field most expected to benefit is that of the cruise ship industry. Many tourists are most likely to still be a little afraid of enjoying their holiday on the Cuban mainland so they may choose to enjoy it from the comfort of a cruise ship. This seems to be the way forward for the time being. Moreover, has stated that so far there have been 8 times more searches for Cuba this year than in any other previous year. Clearly, the news of Mr. Castro’s demise has got through to British ears too.


Currently, US citizens must travel to Canadian airports in either Montreal or Toronto in order to fly to Cuba. This also explains the expected boom in cruising. Quebec’s airline Air Transat has already seen the opportunities available in the Cuban market and is already offering special packages to customers. It seems that the future could be very bright on the Cuban tourism front.


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