Beware Capri Tourism

Over tourism to Capri is rife. We spent 120 Euros to get to the island from Sorrento and back inclusive of a separate ticket for a circumnavigation of the island by boat. The ferry across was packed as was the port on arrival. It was difficult to move and like the rest of Italy there are no signs to assist. Tour operators are concerned only with moving large numbers of people without providing any assistance to individuals when approached, rudeness is the immediate response to a question.
After numerous approaches for help we left Capri without going on the trip around the island. Upon approaching the company from whom we purchased our ticket for a refund of the around island trip we were again met with blatant rudeness, no discussion and a denial of any consumer rights. As beautiful as the island might be the removal of ones sense of humanity and care by tour operators does not make up for the experience.

Michael (Australia)