Nik Fes - May 7, 2018

After Venice, the Italian holiday island of Capri is considering closing its barriers for tourists. The aim of the Capri tourism authorities is to regulate the number of visitors at certain places on the island.

“We cannot stop tourists from landing here, but we have to regulate the flow of tourism and we will do some tests like in Venice,” the mayor of the island announced.

Gianni De Martino said that tourist chaos on the island is “dramatic” on some days. In fact, the ten square kilometer island groans for years under the increasing rush of “one-day tourists”.

These tourists clog the narrow streets and lanes on the island, annoying the hideaway luxury tourists. Ultimately, they contribute to the decline of Capri tourism and the beautiful island itself with its famous Blue Grotto.

Due to an anticipated influx of tourists, the Venice authorities set up turnstiles in several places in the city. By May 1st, the police can block tourists from entering several parts of the city and divert them to other routes. Moreover, if the crowds are too large, tourist boats will not be allowed to dock in front of St. Mark’s Square.

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  1. Over tourism to Capri is rife. We spent 120 Euros to get to the island from Sorrento and back inclusive of a separate ticket for a circumnavigation of the island by boat. The ferry across was packed as was the port on arrival. It was difficult to move and like the rest of Italy there are no signs to assist. Tour operators are concerned only with moving large numbers of people without providing any assistance to individuals when approached, rudeness is the immediate response to a question.
    After numerous approaches for help we left Capri without going on the trip around the island. Upon approaching the company from whom we purchased our ticket for a refund of the around island trip we were again met with blatant rudeness, no discussion and a denial of any consumer rights. As beautiful as the island might be the removal of ones sense of humanity and care by tour operators does not make up for the experience.

    Michael (Australia)

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