Pat Hyland - Apr 14, 2012

Halifax, Nova Scotia has historically been a popular tourist destination. These days the Canadian city is a must see place for all Titanic fans. Halifax has gone all out to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the vessel.

Halifax is the city where many of the Titanic victims were brought after their death and were buried. Residents of the area remember tales of their grandparents bringing in the bodies from the sea disaster. 153 Titanic victims were buried in the city in three different cemeteries.

Today the city is soberly remembering the sinking of the vessel. The ceremony is not a celebration, but a commemoration service. Halifax played a pivotal role in the Titanic tragedy and organizers of the event want to make sure their role is not overlooked. The ceremony is vastly boosting tourism in the area as Canadians are remembering the epic role that their country played in the disaster and their part in history.

The Titanic aside, Halifax is a prime tourist destination. The city and its surroundings have several things to offer potential visitors. One of the favorite attractions is the Citadel Tower which is a former army garrison. Halifax's maritime history is on display in several museums and tourist sites around the city.

Halifax is not simply a destination for Canadians and Americans. British tourists visit the Canadian maritime provinces, and Halifax in particular due to the affinity with British culture. Halifax was Britain's first colonized city in the Canada.

However, statistics from Canadian tourism bureaus have shown that British visitors are not coming to Canada in the numbers they used to. This is partially due to the economic problems in Britain. There is also a strong Canadian dollar to contend with.

Despite that Halifax is a short nonstop flight from London. Flights to Canada from UKare easily accessible and affordable. Visitors to the city can choose a variety of vacation packages with the highlights of Nova Scotia. Whether tasting a lobster on the coast, or visiting local attractions in and around the city, travelers to Halifax can enjoy it all.

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