Denise Chen - Jun 1, 2009

The British hot drink giant launches a campaign to allow camping enthusiasts to go camping in the middle of the city. Brits do not need to spend cash on camping abroad or even in their own countryside – central London is sufficient.


It is no secret that British people have been struggling to cope with the weakening of the pound and the global crisis. This has meant a great boom for British domestic tourism yet a massive downturn in outbound tourism from Britain.

So the next step was for British people to look for cheap alternatives, whereby camping is very frequently involved. The Camping and Caravanning Club in Britain announced that its bookings have gone up 30% this year. The sales of caravans and camping equipment have also soared.

For those who find camping in the British countryside still a little heavy on the pocket, there is another option sponsored by the beef drink giant Bovril. The company has introduced the ‘extreme urban campsite’ project, which looks towards offering people the opportunity of camping in urban areas. Areas do not come more urban than the centre of London, where the test camp has been set up.

Situated at 230 feet in Shoe Lane in London, the campsite has been deemed to be a trail site. If it is in any way successful, then others might appear around the British Isles. The hope is that people will appreciate cut downs on travel costs and enjoy a holiday at a fraction of the price of a holiday abroad and in their own back yard. It sometimes seems that times of crisis do not always lead to disasters; instead they simply lead to innovations, which make the most out of any situation.





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