Chris Grad - Oct 10, 2011
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Despite the economic downturn in recent times in California, tourism has provided a silver lining of great significance. Hotel occupancy rates and spending rates are on the up.

According to the state’s tourism board, Visit California, the tourism trade in one of the most popular US states is growing rapidly. This would not come as such a surprise if it were not for the fact that the general economic outlook in California is quite depressing at the moment.

Rising unemployment along with rising crime rates have caused the mood in California to be very somber, especially with recent economic history not being at its most glorious. Tourism is a great exception and is expected to employ a large number of Californians for years to come.

Hotel occupancy rates have recently gone up by around 5%, whereas there has been a sudden 7% increase in spending. California, it seems, has a huge advantage in that tourists spend more money in this particular state whilst staying for longer.

California’s reputation plays a helpful role inside and outside the United States, as many imagine the hilly streets of San Francisco or the waves behind the surfers in dreaming of an ideal place to spend a large amount of time. Los Angeles, as America’s second largest metropolis, is a draw for many as well.

Leisure and hospitality has added around 1500 jobs in August this year alone. As tourism is worth $95.1 billion on an annual basis to California, it is obvious that the tourism sector should be taken very seriously; especially now, it is a clear money maker for the future. Tourists also help maintain the positive reputation of California in the USA and abroad.

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