Nils Kraus - Feb 17, 2009
There is no easy way to cope with a break-up. Most of the heartbroken rid themselves of anything mildly related to their ex’s. This is exactly when the Museum of Broken relationships comes in.

Even when facing a healthy break-up, there is absolutely no chance to feel all right the next day. It is impossible to turn one’s back on the past as it is always part of us. Somehow, the mutual goal is to cut the connections and move on, look into the future. What has become a very common reaction of many is to get rid of anything that is an even vague reminder of the ex. Whether the ritual means drowning in a bottle of liquor and tears or experience a fit of aggressiveness or just a simple good bye, we all feel it’s necessary.

Sharing always helps. Talking the pain over and over again, knowing that no one is alone with this, that others do have a similar experience is crucial. That is exactly the idea behind a new, traveling exhibition, also known as the Museum of Broken Relationships. Founded by Olinka Vistica and Drazen Grubisic from Croatia, this unique display of emotional objects has already visited many European Destinations like London and Berlin and is currently on show in San Francisco.

The space is limited and as more people learn about the museum, the collection is expanding. Why not share the same approach? Love letters, emotional text messages, cuddly toys, anger-soaked gifts – those are all on display. An ax and a ragged pile of what used to be furniture which once belonged to an ex, or a prosthetic leg donated by a war veteran, a wedding dress – these are the more bizarre artifacts of the exhibition.

It would not be fair to keep the exhibit unchanged as people do donate their memories. On the other hand, it would not be fair to remove the old ones. That is why the museum has its virtual version that stores every single piece of memory which deserved to be shared. Visit to see when the show comes in your town!


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