Andrew J. Wein - Jun 24, 2019
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According to a report by CWT, a travel management platform, 6 out of 10 travelers feel more creative and productive during their business trips.

Millennials, especially the Americans, are the most creative and productive, scoring 77% in both aspects. They are closely followed by Asia-Pacific millennial travelers: where 75% say they feel more creative, and 73% more productive. Lastly, there are Europeans, with 58% and 57% respectively.

Experts point out that these findings are not surprising. Business trips increase people's energy level, opens the mind, and serves to establish relationships. Nothing can be compared to a face-to-face meeting.

Overall and leaving generational gaps aside, Asia-Pacific travelers are the most creative and productive: 65% and 64% respectively, compared to Americans (58% and 60%) and Europeans (53% and 51%).

The report also suggests that 60% of the travelers are more productive when they work and collaborate with their peers face to face. The percentage drops to 30% when working alone and to 14% when they do it long-distance. In the case of Spain, for example, 62% say they feel more productive in a face to face setting, compared to 29% who prefer to work alone, and 9% who prefer long-distance work.

As for regional data, face-to-face meetings and business trips increase the productivity of Asia-Pacific travelers. The percentage in this region is 61%, compared to 53% for both America and Europe.

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