Andrea Hausold - Jun 24, 2008

It is a typical stereotype that business travellers often spend huge amounts of money when on their business trips. Indeed, many people tend to believe that business travellers do not see any cash when on business trips: everything is covered by the company. According to a study released by the travel organisation Orbitz, the situation is changing, and rapidly.


32% of the business people involved in their survey said that they are now trying to save money on air travel. This is perhaps no surprise in today’s age of budget airlines. Nowadays, secretaries are often rewarded with bonuses for finding the cheapest flight possible on the internet. Similarly, there is now a tendency to fly in and out of a destination on the same day.17% of the business people admitted to having less allowance for food and drink whilst on business trips. Restaurants and shops have been suffering somewhat as result.


68% said that they are forced to stay in less expensive hotels than they did, for example, 5 years ago. It has been suggested that the new trend in saving money is a result of an ever more competitive market. As it becomes more difficult to make huge profits, the solution seems to be to save on expenditures.


79% of the people questioned said that they now feel huge pressure to save money when organising and carrying out business trips. It seems the days of free-spending business people are dwindling. This by no means suggests that people are making less trips, just that they now tend to spend a lot less money. All of the people questioned said that they travel just as often.


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