New Travel Portal about Burundi Tourism Launched

Vanderlei J. Pollack - Jul 15, 2011

Burundi is a country where tourism is still in its infancy; but ample opportunities are there, this is a common impression of travelers visiting Burundi. Something needs to be done in order to uplift the real image of the country.

What can Burundi offer? There is a diversity of potentials: from the beach of lake Tanganyika, source of the Nile, Karera waterfalls, Mwaro Falls, history of Burundi kingdom, King’s palace, famous drummers of Gishora, beliefs and culture etc. You will discover the everlasting green landscape of the country and the beauty of its hills and the kindness of its people.

Can the above details be part of reasons to come to Burundi? Yes, Burundi is a favorable country for holiday due to its climate.

While most of travelers search information about the country before their journey…sometimes tourists say it is hard to find relevant sources about Burundi and its attractions. The little information available is often not updated.

This problem has been tackled by a new initiative. Burundi Access, local tour operator, has built a comprehensive online travel guide where travelers and businessmen can find all the reasons to come to Burundi either for holiday or business. lists tourist attractions, hotels…all information is freely published and updated regularly.

We invite you visit this travel portal, if you have any comment or suggestion, we will be pleased to hear from you.

Let’s build the world together.

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