Larry Brain - Mar 19, 2012
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Bulgaria is relying upon a successful summer season after the quiet winter. It is being aided by the booming markets in Germany and Russia.

The Bulgarian winter season is more successful outside of Bulgaria than one may be tempted to believe, yet the summer season is worth 10 times as much to the Black Sea residents.

Thanks to Bulgaria’s ability to attract diverted tourists from Greece and Egypt, this season promises to be a lucrative one. The Association of Bulgarian Tour Operators has claimed that the booking inquests for this year suggest that many Euros from Germany and Roubles from Russia are on their way to Bulgarian soil.

Last year saw a 14% increase in the German market but it is not all good news on the German front. Up until not long ago, adult Germans used to engage in Bulgarian culture and sunbathe quietly on the Black Sea shores. Nowadays, there is an influx of German youths making the most of cheap packages and binge drinking at low prices.

The Bulgarian government has been criticized for not improving grey areas in Bulgarian tourism despite the fact that the industry is making more money.

The spa sector is doing well for Bulgaria too and is expected to have a successful summer. Most spa tourists visit destinations such as Devin and Velingrad from either Russia or Turkey, many of which have averted their attentions from crisis-stricken North African countries or Greece.

Russians are known for their lavish spending habits and have the added advantage of visiting a country with a similar language and same alphabet.

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