Joe McClain - Mar 1, 2012
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Brazil is fast growing to a world class country and a major tourist destination. With the world cup of 2014 having been set to take place in this country, travel agents, resorts and restaurants are fast adjusting their pricing upwards. However, you need to search thoroughly in order to enjoy low budget holidays in Brazil. The following are some of the top destinations in the region.

Sao Paulo
This is the best destination for lovers of culture. At Alberta, the first floor is preserved for artwork and drinks, while the basement is for lovers of rock'n'roll. For live performances by Samba bands, visit O do Borogodo bar. Another amazing place to visit is Mercearia Sao Pedro, where artists gather to showcase their works. You will meet fashion designers, actresses, directors, writer and artists in this restaurant cum bar. If you are on a low budget holiday trip in Brazil, you can enjoy free Brazilian music at Studio SP every weekend. This offer is only available for early evening shows, so keep time. If you are a veggie, you are welcome for hearty treats at Z Carnieria.

Rio de Janeiro
This is the best destination for adventure tourists. It has amazing nightlife too. The most fascinating scenes are the Sugar Loaf and Guanabara, which can be viewed from the Maze Inn B&B. Jazz is the music of the day for those who love art. Spending a night here will cost you less than 38 dollars for a double room. At Palaphita Kitch, you will be able to view the statue of Christ the Redeemer and Corcovado Mountain. Brazilian fruits are in plenty so you can have your fill. You can take a helicopter tour for 60 minutes, at a cost of 219.99 dollars per head. If you like walking, the tour will take you 4 hours at a cost of only 52.99 dollars per head. This place also has the most amazing beach life.

Fernando de Noronha
This is the best discount holidays destination for people out to share love. Even though Brazil does not celebrate Valentine's Day, you can take your partner over here for spending honeymoon or for romantic experience. There are plenty of hammocks so you can use this chance to make up for lost love on a hammock at the Pousada Ze Maria. You will also have the chance to view the beaches and enjoy sleeping on comfortable hardwood beds.

Culinary tourists can have an exciting experience in this charming village with many restaurants. Since it is a fishing village you can watch the fishermen catch fish, learn to fish, or even help them fish. Regardless of who caught the fish, you will always take it fresh from the water. Book a room at the Pousada Casas Brancas hotel and experience the culinary taste of Brazil.

Ilha Grande
If you are seeking sun, then Ilha Grande is the perfect destination. There are plenty of beaches here, and a wide range of outdoor activities such as hiking in the mountain jungles. It is located at the Brazilian tropical Island, and so the weather is always pleasant. You can book a room at the Pousada da Cachoeira, or Pousada Naturalia.

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