James Morris - Feb 26, 2008

Budget airline companies such as Easyjet and Bmibaby may well be constantly praised for saving passengers a lot of cash, cutting the unnecessary frills down to a bare minimum and taking the snobbery away from the airline industry as a whole. However, surveys are now suggesting that the non-budget airlines are much more beneficial whenever children are involved in the journey. Regular airline companies won the ‘child friendly’ competition hands down, with Virgin and British Airways coming out on top. Indeed, non-budget airlines picked up an amazing 92% of the vote, with the budget companies getting just 8%. The surveys were carried out in coordination of the making of the book ‘The Rough Guide to Travel’, which is aimed at making tourists’ lives that little bit easier. The book includes a very informative section about just why travelling by budget airlines can be a painful experience when children are involved.


One of the main reasons is that budget airlines charge for luggage, which standard airlines do not. When paying for the entire luggage which the children take with them, taking a cheap flight may not be such a budget option after all. Further complications arise when queuing with children. As budget airlines tend to have longer queues, this creates problems with impatient children. Parents do not enjoy having to run after their children, especially when they are already stressed about flying and the check-in procedure. A similar problem arises in the fact that budget airlines are more often than not allocated the furthest gates from the main waiting lounge and this means dragging children through stairs and buses. Another problem with budget airlines mentioned by the book is that it is impossible to change plans without booking another flight. Admittedly, this has little to do with travelling with children.


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