Kevin Eagan - May 21, 2012

It looks like the nationals of France are in for a treat. Those that are looking to board British Airways in the Nice Cote d'Azur airport will have a lot of leeway this time. This is because the airline has been reported to employ a strategy which ensures that the airway line service is enhanced from France to the English capital in Gatwick, London City and Heathrow.

It has been estimated that the yearly volume of tourists is expected to increase by thousands. Numbering a figure of 700 thousand tourists and businessmen, the expansion of service and range is very welcome indeed.

Malval Patrick, the CEO for the French branch of British Airways, conducted meetings with the company to discuss the future of the airline. Ever since March 25 the plans had begun to kick start in motion. Just recently on May 11, the plans to include more flights to the British capital and the two other locations were initiated.

The airline had thus far flown 11 daily flights from Nice to London. With the new strategy of the company, along with new developments and technological upgrades, the airport will fly 17 daily flights. This number is shared by two airlines, currently British Airways and EasyJet.

This is needed since there is a major influx of tourists all year round. The needed upgrades are an investment for the future of tourism and to help lessen the hassle of incoming tourist traffic. Frustrations will be lessened to a degree that there are now more flights to catch.

This will provide an economic boom in a lesser time frame. The strategy was employed in hopes of furthering tourist traffic especially with the 2012 London Olympics due this year. This year is expected to be a peak year for British Airways.

The airline not only has improved its standing in Nice Cote d'Azur in terms of English destinations. It has also been improving its supply line to the regions of Florida, Indian Ocean and the Caribbean. The improved line is thanks to the recovery of BMI, the franchising partner of British Airways.

In 2011, the carrying capacity for the Nice-British Airways war about 550 thousand passengers. The added capacity will yield extra income and amidst the rising cost of fuel. With the airline establishing a more prominent standing in the Nice Cote d'Azur airport, the total passenger count in 150 international destinations worldwide comes to about 40 million passenger ticket sales.


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