William Law - May 1, 2007

Recent surveys comparing hotel prices around Europe have revealed some rather unexpected results. Britain is now officially the most expensive country for hotels in Europe, yet the English capital, London, does not hold the honour of being the most expensive city. That honour goes to Bath, with the average room costing L114 per night and beating the capital’s average price by L7.


The price of hotels in London last year rose by an astounding 22%. This is perhaps due to direct and skillful marketing, after the terrorist attacks of 2005, and the culinary revolution of recent years which has seen tourists from around the globe flock to London to try out all kinds of cuisine.


Russian tourists tend to spend the most cash on overnight stays, although the British themselves are not mean in this department, with the average spend per stay being L100.


There have been changes in tourist spending patterns elsewhere in the world. Although prices in Thailand, especially Bangkok, have been on the rise in recent years, they remain the cheapest in the world, with the average overnight stay being priced at L44. Elsewhere, the stag night culture in the Estonian capital, Tallinn, has seen the average price drop to L51, a 6% decrease. Across the Atlantic, prices in New York have been forced down by the weakness of the American dollar, and are therefore incomparable to London and Bath prices . New York remains extremely expensive, with an average hotel price of L155, although this figure has been much reduced over the recent period.


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