Laura Maudlin - Jan 4, 2007

Brazil has recently singled out its north-eastern Atlantic coastal region as the focal point of its real estate tourism project. The provincial area, with miles of sun-baked coastline has been the centre of numerous conferences aimed at tempting foreigners to invest in property in Brazil. Unlike many European nations, Brazil can afford to offload some of its land to the cause of much needed foreign investment.



Many Europeans already own properties in northern Brazil and naturally make regular trips to the South-American state. This explains the increased number of flights between Brazil and Europe over the last few years. These properties were originally sold through Brazilian agencies, which have, in recent years, launched themselves on a commercial mission to welcome foreign investment. International trade and rail shows as well as tourism conferences have been held in Brazil as part of their advertising campaigns. The end of 2006 is expected to see at least 60 such companies engaged in similar activities.



Generally, Brazil welcomed 10% more tourists between January and June last year. These tourists spent more money than previous visitors to the South-American nation. The big spenders have now been targeted as potential investors in the real estate market of Brazil. The properties available can appeal to various tastes, ranging from deluxe constructions for business use or smaller beach houses for families.


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