Gary Diskin - Nov 6, 2007

Anyone who is preparing for a long-desired holiday pays considerable attention to accommodation. Many tourists are very demanding when it comes to their over-night comfort; some do not fear to experiment with the diverse choices there are. One of the most bizarre hotels in Turkey is now raising attention of all visitors and tourist agencies. The luxurious Gamirasu Hotel was actually established in a 5000 year old cave.


In 1999, in a remote village of Ayvali in Turkish Cappadocia, one of the local villagers came up with a unique idea to turn the local thousand year old Byzantine monastery and the surrounding caves into a hotel. Luckily, a German investor appeared who liked the idea and put the whole project into being.


There are eighteen rooms available in the Gamirasu Cave Hotel. The most luxurious is the ‘Cave Suite’, though the ‘Eagle Nest Deluxe’ may convince a newly-wed couple for their dreamlike honeymoon destination, and families will appreciate the family suite. The comfortable rooms are also equipped with central-heating, air conditioning, telephone facilities, the much desired internet access, television, private shower and bath tub. The hotel management pride itself in presenting the best Turkish cuisine, with tasty dinners that consist of six traditional dishes.


Curious visitors may even experience local agricultural activities and see for themselves the process of drying apricots, harvesting apples, or wine making. The villagers still retain their very traditional rural life; the peaceful atmosphere and rather romantic setting turn even a brief visit to the Gamirasu Hotel into an unforgettable experience.


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