Kevin Eagan - Dec 14, 2009
China wants the famous Bird’s Nest to be profitable. The Olympics venue is becoming less attractive with time and it struggles to lure visitors and investors. To boost its profitability the owners decided to change it into a winter sports complex opened to the public.   Huge investments into the Olympics are quite usual for the host countries, however, profits are arguable. For example the famous Beijing"s Bird"s Nest Olympic Stadium now struggles to lure enough events and shows ensuring some revenues. Thus there were plans to build a hotel and a shopping mall there to attract more visitors after the Olympics. People are still visiting the venue but it becomes less and less attractive as time passes by. The Beijing municipal government has the controlling stake in National Stadium Co Ltd and the owners now want to boost tourism attractiveness of the 423 USD million stadium by other means. Apart from hosting various events and plans for a soccer match with Real Madrid next year they came up with another idea. The venue will be transformed into a winter sports complex.To be able to provide services to winter sports lovers the stadium is undergoing radical changes. Water-proof facilities covering the ground are installed and the parts of the Bird’s Nest are gradually turning in to ski slopes. Snowing is quite rare in Beijing therefore the organizers will have to produce the snow themselves. Staff is trained to be able to operate new snow makers that will cover the slopes with artificial snow. At least 20,000 tons of water will be needed for the job. The owners hope the venue will manage to attract the growing Chinese middle class and help them to make the stadium profitable. Related: BIRD’S NEST LURES MILLIONS OF TOURISTS


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