Theodore Slate - Sep 9, 2008

USA has always been famous for its theme parks: the most famous of which even moved to Europe in the shape of Disneyland. However, the current theme park drama, which is unfolding in Tennessee, has absolutely nothing to do with Mickey Mouse. Indeed, attention has been focused on Bible Park, a Christian owned theme park aimed at touching the visitor’s soul. To make the drama even more intense, the Trinity Broadcasting Network wishes for two Bible Parks to be situated right next to each other.


The plans have been met with a high level of skepticism by a number of experts who have almost all suggested that the parks will simply not make money, as history also suggests. Indeed, no religion-based theme park has ever enjoyed a healthy degree of success on American soil. Furthermore, the area of Nashville is faced with the unenviable prospect of having two Christian theme parks in an area where the locals do not even want one. It has similarly been suggested that the plans could turn sour if the parks are met by further criticism from other religious groups.


Despite the negativity, the TBN is determined to pursue its plans for the parks. It claims that religious tourism is an industry which earns around $8 billion per year in the United States alone in revenue, and thus there is no need whatsoever for such pessimism. Besides which, it has been stressed by the organisation that money is not the only motivation for opening both attractions. Thus, the plans are almost certain to go ahead. The current Holy Land Experience shall cease to have the status as the nation’s only Bible Park.


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