Ashley Nault - Jul 1, 2024
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Weather and travel experts discuss what to expect in Europe this summer and what travelers can do if their trip is affected by extreme weather. While experts attribute this primarily to human-caused climate change, the El Niño weather phenomenon has also contributed to higher temperatures over the past year. The resulting weather consequences are difficult to predict, thus many tourists are seeking travel destinations in Europe to avoid the heatwaves. TR introduces a list of five alternative travel destinations in Europe where visitors can find a refreshing escape from the summer heatwaves.

Bergen, Norway

With summer temperatures around 18°C, Bergen offers a refreshing coolness. Explore the magnificent fjords, discover the UNESCO-listed Bryggen district, and enjoy the lush natural surroundings.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is perfect for culture and history enthusiasts, with an average summer temperature of 16-20°C. Visit the famous Edinburgh Festival in August, explore the castle, and meander through the lush gardens.

Reykjavik, Iceland

With summer temperatures ranging between 11 °C and 15°C, Reykjavik is a refreshing destination. Visitors can explore geysers, waterfalls, and glaciers and relax in natural hot springs.

Inverness, Scotland

With summer temperatures ranging from 14-19°C, Inverness is the gateway to the Scottish Highlands. Uncover the legendary Loch Ness, explore historic castles, and revel in the wild beauty of the surrounding landscapes.

Svalbard, Norway

For a unique adventure, travel to Svalbard, where summer temperatures range from 3-7°C. Observe polar bears, explore glaciers, and discover the incredible Arctic wildlife that makes this destination truly special.

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