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Sun and sea holidays have always been the top priority of many travelers. Spain is one of the destinations that offer a number of ideal spots for perfect leisure time. What are the most attractive sun and beach destinations in Spain? Tourism Review presents the top places for any traveler seeking warm beach and comfortable services.

La Lanzada beach – Sanxenxo (Galicia)

This 3-kilometer beach is one of the most visited by Galicians, who cannot resist its crystalline waters, the beauty of its sunsets, the fine-grain sand, and the multiple activities that you can take part in, including surfing and windsurfing. Due to its size, Lanzada beach is ideal for those who prefer long walks accompanied by breathtaking views.

The food is also a strong point of this place. Visitors can enjoy different menus in various establishments, including the best seafood dishes made of king crab, octopus, among others.

La Caleta beach – Cádiz (Andalusia)

“Playa de la Caleta”, or La Caleta beach, is one of the most iconic beaches of Cádiz. Its calm waters and cozy yet homely atmosphere make this destination one of the favorites of those looking for quality experiences. Since it only covers half a kilometer, Caleta Beach is ideal to rest and admire the view on days with fewer visits. Those searching for greater mobility should explore other alternatives since the reduced space could be unappealing for some.

Despite its length, La Caleta offers visitors the possibility of having fun with a kayak trip, as well as relaxing with a good swim, or enjoying an unforgettable sunset by the sea. One of the most outstanding attractions of this beach is its central building, known as “Balneario de la Palma”, which appears in films such as Die Another Day, and El Amor Brujo directed by renowned director Carlos Saura.

El Sardinero beach – Santander (Cantabria)

Two kilometers of fine sand make up this tourist enclave, blessed with a fortunate climate and several facilities to enjoy the setting.

The name “Playa Primera de El Sardinero” (lit. the first sardine beach) represents part of its history since many years ago this place was a meeting point for sardine fishing. Today, hundreds of travelers enjoy its spaces as well as the cleanliness and freshness of its waters.

Tourists who wish to discover more about this destination will be able to enjoy nearby parks, museums, restaurants, and other local sites of interest.

Cala Millor beach – Balearic Islands (Mallorca)

Cala Millor is more than just a destination. This town on the coasts of Mallorca is known for its great tourist offer, including a 2-kilometer beach, natural areas and calm but shallow waters.

This beach offers many activities for visitors, including sports tournaments of volleyball and beach soccer, as well as kayaking and jet skiing. On the other hand, it has a bicycle lane, pedestrian areas, showers and the most diverse establishments, which complement the range of sites of interest in this destination.

Your visit to Cala Millor can be complemented by a walk through the most renowned food establishments, as well as parks filled with games and attractions for all tastes. 

Canyelles Petites beach – Girona (Catalonia)

Moving away from the center of Rosas in Girona doesn’t mean you’ll be missing out on the fun. Canyelles Petites beach awaits us with its 300 meters, found in an urbanized area blessed by the sun. This beach is usually one of the most popular ones in the summer since a large number of visitors ensures there’ll be many activities to enjoy.

Canyelles Petites has the EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) certification, awarded due to the purity of the waters and cleanliness of its environment. On this beach, in addition to relaxing and resting, travelers will be able to fully enjoy all the health benefits from high-quality seawater.

For those that love exploring, the surroundings of the coastline, rich in diverse vegetation, offer the best views of the place. Visitors can also taste exquisite dishes in cozy restaurants with a great atmosphere.

Anfi del Mar beach – Las Palmas (Canary Islands)

Once you arrive in Mogán, Grand Canary Island, the first thing you’ll see is beach and tourism. This town, located in the southwest of the island, welcomes hundreds of tourists every year, often seen dipping in the waters of Anfi del Mar as it is one of the most stunning sun and beach destinations. This beach, artificially built in the 90s, reminds us of the Caribbean, and offers visitors a great experience from start to finish.

The most demanding tourists find all their needs satisfied in this destination because in addition to spending a well-deserved day of rest, it is possible to immerse in various activities, like boat and banana rides, parachute rides, paddle surfing, kayaking, among others.

When visiting Anfi del Mar, one must take the tour of the island of Maroa and its beach club, the perfect way to complement your trip with the best local dishes, enjoying the cuisine while admiring incredible sunsets full of life and color.

Bahia beach – Mazarrón (Region of Murcia)

Bahia beach is found to the southwest of Mazarrón, in Murcia, and its 200 meters attracts thousands of visitors every year, who choose the destination for the safety of its currents and the proximity to other towns.

In addition to its Blue Flag eco-label, this destination provides tourists with a quiet environment, ideal for resting, walking and even reading a book. In fact, one of the main attractions of this place is its viewpoint, through which it is possible to appreciate the Mediterranean Sea in its entirety, as well as the town and other nearby places.

Exclusively designed for relaxation, in Bahia beach there’s also space to enjoy sports such as windsurfing and volleyball, and activities like zumba (a fitness program), table tennis and even movie nights.

La Barrosa beach– Cádiz (Andalusia)

Regarded by many as one of the most important sun and beach destinations in Spain, La Barrosa beach covers over 8 kilometers of water and sand, divided into 3 parts known as “tracks”.

For many consecutive years, this destination has earned the Blue Flag eco-label as well as the “Q for Tourist Quality” standard, among other recognitions. The warm waters and the favorable conditions of all its facilities make it one of the most visited beaches in Spain.

Depending on the “track”, one can enjoy large gardens, restaurants, 5-star hotels and various shops, which is basically an entire tourist complex for travelers. Nowadays, it’s not just Spaniards who visit La Barrosa beach, but tourists from Germany and France as well, who greatly appreciate having destinations like this one.

Las Catedrales beach – Ribadeo (Galicia)

The coast of Lugo, in Galicia, has been privileged with its geographical position. More than 800 meters of beach border the Ribadeo community forming a wide tourist enclave, extremely attractive to the eyes of any traveler.

Las Catedrales beach, well known for the majestic rock formations that surround it, allows visitors to enjoy a view like no other. Since it isn’t a conventional beach, the most common activity is sitting on the rocks to contemplate the landscape, as well as taking a tour to see all the wonders across the beach.

Declared a natural monument by the Regional Government Board of Galicia, this beach welcomes many tourists every year, so visiting is only allowed through appointment, but it’s well worth the wait. On the other hand, due to its moderate swell, it is necessary for visitors to attend at times where security can be fully guaranteed.

Since the beach is a protected area, many activities, like camping or climbing, are forbidden. However, tourists can enjoy facilities such as restaurants and pedestrian areas, making the stay a true pleasure.

Santa Marina beach – Ribadesella (Asturias)

Known for being one of the largest beaches on the Asturian coast, Santa Marina boasts more than 1 kilometer of golden sand, where visitors can rest or enjoy horse racing and other typical shows in the area. It is one of the most popular sun and beach destinations in the country.

When visiting Santa Marina, it’s almost impossible to ignore history as it is surrounded by structures that date back to the beginning of the last century, just before the Spanish Civil War. There have also been paleontological findings of dinosaur species in this destination, which further increases its historical and heritage value.

Being a highly urbanized destination, it offers services like showers, phones and even a library. It also has many establishments, including tourist offices and restaurants, where it will be impossible to resist trying any of the dishes on the menu.

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