Best Resort in Vietnam? New Project Lists All Local Resorts

Larry Brain - May 19, 2011

The first ever ranking of all tourist resorts in Vietnam has been published by “Best Resort in Vietnam” – unique portal offering analysis of tourism services provided by the local resorts.

A new project called Best Resort in Vietnam offers objective ranking and analysis of all tourism resorts in Vietnam. The unique website is the first and only directory of all Vietnamese resorts providing priceless information for travelers.

It was created by Mr. Florian Berta (SILKWIRES Web Design Agency and BEST RESORT IN VIETNAM Director) in an effort to implement a simple online tool for travelers to organize their trips to and within Vietnam from the comfort of their own home.

While some travel agencies often work in collaboration with a only a few establishments, Best Resort in Vietnam provides an analysis and classification of EVERY resorts in the country so travelers can better seek out a place to accommodate all their vacationing desires.

Through, future travelers are able to select tourism establishments (from 3 to 5 stars) using various criteria – based on the ranking system – including: location, quality, equipment, availability, price, restaurants, leisure activities…

Resorts wishing to enhance their image can write their own description, add a message written by their general manager, upload pictures, include their website link, describe their facilities and services, and other aspects to promote their establishment.

During strategic developments, organized by Mr. Berta and his team, a question arose: What is the difference between Best Resort in Vietnam and other hotel booking websites where travelers are able to evaluate resorts and leave comments? The answer is simple!

“These websites offer a point of view that is rather broad and general and their main focus is on online booking. Furthermore, not all resorts are represented. The key difference is our ranking methodology; each resort provides a representative to be interviewed by us and an extensive and objective study is carried out!”

Best Resort in Vietnam conducts its study by the following preconception. The ranking is based on the following criteria: facilities, hygiene, services, staff, food & beverage, quality and leisure activities.

“Tourism in Vietnam is industry that continues to evolve, and with the country’s strategic plan to establish more Resort and Spa projects (no less than 25 have been signed in Dalat and its vicinity alone) in action, the competition is only becoming more fierce. Operating resorts along the Eastern coast have already been struggling to defy the competition in attracting the maximum amount of prospective guests. Choosing a resort can quickly turn into a headache for future travelers. Therefore, we are offering Best Resort in Vietnam as a solution! We hope to become the premier ‘go-to’ for your traveling whims and desires,” said Mr. Walter Delecolle, Marketing Director.

As the website is closer to completion, another question arises: The road to creating the first ranking of Vietnam’s best resorts is bound to be bumpy; could we overcome our obstacles to get to job done?

“Absolutely!” said Mr. Berta. “On one hand, we are the first to perform this type of assessment and as expected, we’ve received a small number of refusals to participate in our study. But we’ve managed to find common ground with those who initially didn’t want to be included in our ranking and the conditions they put forth have been successfully resolved. We are objective and we plan to implement an equity policy for every institution that participates. On the other hand, it’s been our tremendous pleasure to work with all the resorts in Vietnam and we are grateful for all the kind feedback we’ve received from them.”

Following the completion of the survey and analysis of these studies, Best Resort in Vietnam presented the rankings of resorts in Vietnam (from 3 to 5 stars) – 2011:



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