Denise Chen - Jan 30, 2007
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When mentioning Brazil, people tend to recall its beautiful beaches, unbelievable surfing opportunities, and the wild festival in Rio de Janeiro, the mystical Amazon River and deep forest…But there’s a new trend winning the hearts of many tourists; Brazilian rivers have become a very popular destination for many fishermen.


The Xingu River presents a perfectly relaxing opportunity for fishing. High Hook Fishing Tours offer a very convenient deal. The tourists are accommodated at the Xingu River Lodge, that lies over 40 miles from the provincial city of Altamira. The location can be reached both by means of flying from Altamira, or driving. The Xingu Lodge is all-inclusive. The staff is exceptional, with amazing chefs, friendly housekeepers, and most importantly, exceptional fishing guides. Each one of them has his particular strengths, i.e. knowledge of fly-fishing, bait-casting,etc.


The Xingu Lodge is limited with regards to space; therefore any visitor may enjoy the soothing privacy of this charming place. Fishing for catfish or surubim presents an ideal opportunity to relax and enjoy the outdoors. A week-long stay at this destination may rise up to $ 3.100, and this rate is all-inclusive.


Peacock bass fishing belongs to one of the most exciting fishing adventures anywhere. The Amazon Basin is the right place to go, as this is the world’s largest fresh water system. Just being here is an unforgettable spectacle, for the natural beauty here is overwhelming. Ron Speed’s Adventures offers the finest fishing adventure on board the Otter houseboat. It is Amazon’s newest and largest houseboat, a four deck. Here, tourists may enjoy the pleasures of peacock bass fishing. Peacock bass is not only one of the most beautiful freshwater fish, but also one of the strongest and most acrobatic. Having to battle with the fish is another great aspect of this activity, which will considerably increase the effect of fishing in these waters.


The Agua Boa River is perfectly suited for fly-fishing. The water is unbelievably clear, so most strikes are visible. The enthusiasts should head for the Royal Amazon Lodge, as it is Amazon’s first and only fly-fishing peacock bass lodge. Excellent guides are also available to accompany the clients as long as they desire so, for the fishing program here is suitably flexible.

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