Anna Luebke - Nov 27, 2007

New Zealanders often like to indulge in the most bizarre activities, and proudly present their crazy ideas and inventions to the rest of the world. And most of the time, these inventions tend to become number one hits for all adventurers. The first person to eve summit Mt Everest, Sir Edmund Hillady, was a Kiwi. And the ultimate mind-blowing fun of bungee jumping also originates in New Zealand. However, what has become the hottest attraction is now the adventure of zorbing.


Zorbing was invented in the 1990s by Dwane vad der Sluis and Andrew Akers. They conceived the whole idea in 1994 and within a few days, the word zorb was invented. This activity basically means that one is rolling downhill inside of a transparent sphere called a zorb.


Actually, the participants are secured inside an inner capsule of this ball as it rolls down hills at a max speed of 30 mph. Inside the sphere, there are straps used to keep the rider in place and enable him to enjoy the non-stop thrilling fun. The goal is basically to ‘stay on one’s feet for the duration of each ‘round’ (approximately 20s). This task might seem ridiculously easy, though once in a rapidly rolling sphere, the challenge reaches a whole other level.


There are several possibilities for any zorbing enthusiasts. They may go for a simple zorb, or be joined by two friends and try the hydro-zorb. Here, about a gallon of water is added and the effect may strongly recall the inside of a washing machine.


The zorboadventure is available mainly in New Zealand, however new opportunities have arisen in Norway, the USA, Sweden, China, Argentina, UK or even Japan. It seems like another extreme Kiwi invention is catching up with the rest of the world – though it is certainly not for the fainthearted.


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