Larry Brain - Oct 31, 2011

The City of Bath has a glamorous reputation of one of the most beautiful cities in the country. Its charm lures millions of heritage enthusiasts; no wonder – it has made the list of UNSESCO World Heritage Sites more than twenty years ago.

Located in Somerset, England and not far from Bristol, the city of Bath features a long history which has left a wonderful trace on the face of the place.

While legend has it Bath dates back to pre-Roman times, the first written records speak of a spa initially called Aquae Sulis (or, ‘the waters of Sulis’) which was founded by the Romans in AD 43. Quickly, local spas became renowned and while centuries passed it became a very significant wool industry centre.

Thanks to local beautiful Georgian architecture, Bath has been luring millions of tourists. Nearly four million come for a day-long visit each year, while another million are visitors who spend several days here.

One of local undoubted highlights is the Royal Crescent, a prime example of Georgian design built by John Wood the Younger. The Abbey Church of Saint Pater and Saint Paul, often called Bath Abbey, presents yet another architectonic jewel. Parts of its foundations date back to the 7th century, however, the present structure comes from the 16th.

Bath is a reputed cultural centre; the much admired Victoria Art Gallery, Holborne Museum of Art, and the Herschel Museum of Astronomy are well worth a visit. What has become an absolute must for tourists is witnessing local signature venue: the Roman Baths. No photograph or video footage can do this masterpiece justice. One simply has to come and see this city symbol for themselves.

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