Ashley Nault - Mar 30, 2009

March 9th, 2009 became a historical landmark for the company Mattel and their most famous creation: Barbie. She has turned fifty and still has power over children’s hearts. Her birthday celebration in the Barbie Dream House in Malibu was a party to remember.

Who would have believed that a doll would make such a career? When Barbara Millicent Roberts was first introduced to the American public in 1959, she immediately won the hearts of many. No one remembers her by her true name – she simply became known as the iconic Barbie. She has all the charms – eternal youth, perfect beauty and has conquered many careers. In her own way, Barbie is a truly unique toy.

Generations of little girls were witnessing Barbie’s constantly changing style and wardrobe. Over fifty designers have contributed to creating her chic fashion arsenal, and she has changed many careers. She has been a doctor, reporter, an astronaut or even an American Idol winner. Surprisingly enough, Mattel even proudly presents Barbie as a presidential candidate. Barbie always keeps up with trends – what may come as a bit of a shock is the new tattooed Barbie.

For her big birthday celebration, Mattel invited dozens of famous stars to a life-size Barbie house in Malibu, California. It was decorated to fully correspond with the highly-set standards of her previous residences and some fancy accessories including Andy Warhol’s Barbie portrait.

Barbie is a true phenomenon with museums dedicated to her all over the world. The multi-million House of Barbie was opened in Shanghai. Barbie dolls are not dominating the floor, as one may expect. Themed clothing, jewellery, cosmetics, food and spa treatments, ‘bust firming’ treatments are what the visitors will find. There are museums in Switzerland, Taiwan, Japan or even Prague Castle – Barbie has gone a long way and even though she’s just turned fifty, she’s still a star shining bright.




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