Theodore Slate - Mar 6, 2007

Thousands of tourists each year are attracted to Thailand. Many visitors choose this location for its renowned diving possibilities and marine life. However, Thailand’s cultural heritage is also luring many travelers. The number one location everyone should spend some time at is – without doubt – Thailand’s capital, Bangkok.


This grand city is called A Krung Thep in Thai and was founded in 1792 by the first monarch of the present Chakri dynasty. There are about ten million people living in Bagkok nowadays and it is the wealthiest city in Thailand. It is a very vibrant and charming city, where the old and the modern merge into an unbelievably harmonious whole.


The major sightseeing attractions are the city’s fascinating 400 Buddhist temples and various shrines, and naturally, the Grand Palace. Its construction dates back to 1782 and the palace has been the official seat of monarchs for the past 150 years. Only parts of it are open for tourists. The Borombiman Hall presents an excellent example of a French-inspired structure, however it still retains its Thai character. Amarindra Hall was once used for judicial purposes, and today is used for coronations. The largest of the palace buildings, Chakri Maha Prasat also shows an interesting blend of Italian Renaissance and traditional Thai architecture.


Art lovers should definitely visit the National Museum, which is also the largest museum in South-east Asia. It presents an excellent opportunity to learn both about Thai art and the region"s rich history.


Another famous landmark is the Vimanmek Royal Mansion, the world’s largest building made entirely of golden teak. It has recently been turned into a museum with antique furniture, glassware and porcelain on display.


Bangkok is also famous for its night life, so tourist are welcome to relax in the numerous local jazzclubs, bars, and dancehalls after a day sightseeing.

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