Nik Fes - Oct 1, 2018
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While tourism is the main financial mainstay of Indonesia, Bali plans to introduce restrictions to influence the behavior of tourists. Countless pictures of lightly dressed visitors have been posted on social media, even in front of holy places. The authorities of Bali now plan a ban on wearing bikinis.

For a long time, Bali has been one of the most popular destinations in South-East Asia. In 2017 alone, more than five million tourists visited the island. But the onslaught on the tropical paradise brings some problems with it.

Locals are complaining about inappropriate behavior of tourists. Last month a Dane published a controversial photo of him sitting in the shrine Linggih Padmasana. It is considered the throne of the deity – to sit on it is considered an absolute no-go.

“We are too open with tourists. Thus, there are too many of them and the quality of tourists is now different than it used to be,” said Deputy Governor Cok Ace.

Recent pictures of several travelers have also caused great outrage. The visitors posed in front of holy temples of the island in tight bikinis. Another image of two pregnant women in bikini posing in front of the Mount Agung, the active volcano, outraged the locals. In the background, clouds of smoke could be seen, as there was a threat of explosion.

The Bali authorities want to intervene. Those who visit the sacred temples should wear clothes in the future, covering their shoulders and knees. Short bikinis are out of question.

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