Michael Trout - Feb 27, 2007

After the bomb blasts of 2002 and 2005, Bali faced a period of recovery in its tourism sector. Now, after an intense period of clever marketing it has become Indonesia’s top attraction. Last year, Bali welcomed 1.2 million foreigners and 1.6 million are expected to arrive this year. Most of them are expected to arrive from Japan, Korea and Australia. Indeed, tourism represents a hugely important part of the economy, with a total of 1.3 million people employed thanks to the industry. This is a significant figure taking into account that the whole island has a population of 3.3 million. 25% of the economy is dominated by foreign currency exchange, at $1.2 billion per year in revenue alone.


The theme of the Balinese advertising campaign is ‘beautiful Bali Indonesia’, with its focus firmly placed on natural and unspoilt beauty. It has also been pointed out that the Ngurah Rai international airport is more efficient than airports in Spain and Hawaii for example. It is believed to be better as tourists don’t have to wait there for a long period of time.


The Australian market has been singled out as being the most important. In reaction to the Australian ‘where the bloody hell are you?!’ commercial, Bali has produced its own ‘Aussie, where the Bali hell are ya?!’ advertisement. At a cost of just $3000, posted on the YouTube website, the commercial has proved to be a huge success. More and more Australians are flocking to the Indonesian island.


Tourism has further been improved and boosted by the building of numerous luxury hotels. The Italian group Bulgari recently introduced its second luxury hotel in the Balinese south-west region. The future for Bali’s tourism is certainly looking bright and has been developing rapidly in recent years.

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  1. We went on a honeymoon trip to Bali, we stay in nusa dua. When we booked tour, I was taken aback by the very low price of the hotel, and I was afraid that he would disappoint me, but no, the hotel was amazing ... very cozy, clean, spacious rooms .. beautiful garden with pond, and in it are teeming with "mad" fish, near which were stopped by the tourists to feed them with bread, a green area, and I would not call it a small, all matches hotel.. The people at the pool is not so much, and I will refute the rumors that have to get up at 7 am, to take a lounger on the beach, free lager can be found at any time. Guide services world without limite, we have not used, because had time to get acquainted with a woman who gave us the contacts of the local English speaking driver, he told me many interesting things, very cheerful, a wonderful man and a tour takes twice as cheaper.he give us various gifts and tell details, where to go, where good and reasonable prices. His name putra, since its well known, in case the need to leave his phone number: 081805338662 you will not regret it. In general, Bali is very beautiful and exotic place, there are very friendly people! entertainment very much, enough for all, both for youth and adults. We are pleased to be back there and I advise everyone to go there to fly ... it's unforgettable!

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