William Law - Jan 29, 2018

Most Austrian travelers chose Tyrol, Salzburg and Vienna for their holiday last year. In 2017, the three federal states have again reported massive increases in the numbers of stays by domestic visitors.

According to Statistik Austria, Tyrol increased the number of overnight stays by another 925,000 to almost 47.9 million (+2%). Salzburg registered a growth of 788,000 to 28.3 million and Vienna 555,000 to 15.5 million.

However, Styria and Carinthia also rose strongly in absolute terms. Styria registered an increase of 3.3% by 413,000 to 12.8 million, while Carinthia 315,000 to 13 million (+2.5%). Upper Austria and Lower Austria also developed very positively. Overnight stays grew by 299,000 to 7.7 million (+4%) and 280,000 to 7.2 million (+4.1%).

Burgenland remained on the bottom of the list showing the results of Austrian tourism industry, with overnight stays up by 8,000 to 3.1 million. This is an increase of 0.3%. Slightly fewer overnight stays were recorded only in Vorarlberg in the past year – a decline of 18,000 to 8.9 million (-0.2%). With regard to the number of holiday arrivals, all provinces registered increases. Vorarlberg, for example, grew by 1.1% to 2.4 million. There were more tourists, but they stayed shorter than the year before.

This trend is visible all throughout Austria. Over the last ten years, the number of tourists increased on average by 3.1% per year. However, the number of overnight stays only increased by 1.5% per year, as reported by Statistik Austria which published the latest data on Austrian tourism. Overnight stays in rural areas increased by just 1%, while those in urban areas registered an increase of 2.7%.

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