Denise Chen - Dec 5, 2006

For tourists who believe “life’s too short” and want to rush into new and crazy things, Australia is the number one place to go. One may experience an unbelievably wide range of adventure activities and visit many unique locations on this continent.



The Australia Adventure Tours offer a great variety of tourist packages and encourage their customers to create their own colourful holiday. Tourists are lured by tempting possibilities of experiencing hiking and trekking tours, horse pack trips, whale watching tours, and scuba diving vacations as well as motorcycle tours.



The least demanding water sport here is surfing. It is very popular in Australia and everyone is encouraged to try it. Other water activities include scuba diving. The greatest attraction in this case is the area near the Great Barrier Reef. Many of the best reef dives are located in a distance from the shore and therefore are accessible by charter boat, but to some coral island you can simply walk off the beach and dive into the breathtaking world of coral.



A cruise trip is another option one might consider. Tranquil waters represent a unique opportunity for sailing – from a short vacation to longer and more exotic cruises.



To enjoy wildlife scenery, one can decide to go for an off-road drive to rather remote areas of Australia. However, it is important to always keep in mind that the possibilities to get fuel and food are quite limited in the deserted areas!



Visiting the desert safaris is another chance to see the oddities of Australian fauna. A Wayoutback Desert Safari offers professionally guided tours to Central Australian destinations, i.e. Ayers Rock, The Olgas, Kings Canyon. And why not to try observing the scenery from the back of a camel?



Indeed Australia has unlimited opportunities for adventurers who are not afraid to try everything.


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